Dianne Hepplewhite

Ambassador – Plexus Worldwide

Dianne Schlasta-Hepplewhite has been an Ambassador for Plexus Worldwide since 2015 and is a home based business. She has an Associates Degree in Radiologic Technology and Veterinary Medicine-Certified Veterinary Technician. Plexus Worldwide specializes in nutritional supplements that uses cutting edge science and methods focusing on improving health by restoring and balancing your gut which is responsible for 80% of our immune system, balancing blood sugar, and decreasing inflammation. The intestinal microbiome is essential to overall health and once unbalanced, can lead to a long list of health issues including autoimmune disorders or conditions. Seeing how well these products worked for her, her son, and her mother who has Fibromylagia, Plexus has become her passion for helping others improve their health and feeling their best. Dianne resides in Scott Township, PA with her husband and two sons and can be contacted at diannehepp15@gmail.com and her Plexus website shopmyplexus.com/diannehepp.